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Wireless charger in acacia 15W

Produkto kodas: M-MO2220

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    Wireless charger in acacia wood with retractable cable. Connect device to your computer, place smartphone on it and allow it to charge. Output: DC 9V/1.67A (15W). Compatible with all QI enabled devices such as latest Androids, iPhone® 8, X and newer.

    dimensions: Ø7,3X2,1 CM
    length: 78 cm
    width: 24 cm
    height: 78 cm
    volume: 0.142 cdm3
    gross weight: 0.085 kg
    net weight: 0.062 kg
    outer carton quantity: 100
    carton length: 0.36 m
    carton width: 0.15 m
    carton height: 0.425 m
    carton volume: 0.023 m3
    carton gross weight: 8.5 kg
    printable: yes