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TWS earbuds with solar charger

Produkto kodas: M-MO2176

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    ABS True Wireless Stereo (TWS) 5.3 wireless earbuds with microphone and a 30 mAh battery. Playing time approx. 4 hours. It has a solar charging battery. Auto-pairing. Including a Type C charging cable and a 200 mAh charging station.

    dimensions: 48X48X23 CM
    length: 78 cm
    width: 35 cm
    height: 57 cm
    volume: 0.156 cdm3
    gross weight: 0.08 kg
    net weight: 0.07 kg
    outer carton quantity: 100
    carton length: 0.345 m
    carton width: 0.165 m
    carton height: 0.34 m
    carton volume: 0.019 m3
    carton gross weight: 8 kg
    printable: yes