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A5 antibacterial notebook

Produkto kodas: M-MO6141

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    A5 notebook with antibacterial hard PU cover with nano silver based active agents inhibiting and preventing the growth of at least 99% of bacteria. Casebound. 192 lined pages (96 sheets). Matching elastic closure strap and ribbon page-marker. Conforms ISO 22196.

    dimensions: 21X14X1,6 CM
    length: 21 cm
    width: 14 cm
    height: 1.6 cm
    volume: 0.633 cdm3
    gross weight: 0.309 kg
    net weight: 0.281 kg
    outer carton quantity: 50
    carton length: 0.42 m
    carton width: 0.315 m
    carton height: 0.23 m
    carton volume: 0.03 m3
    carton gross weight: 14.76 kg
    material: paper
    printable: yes